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Topaz Photo AI 2.0.0 x64 and Portable


Topaz Photo AI is a family of Topaz software . This software is for improving , removing noise and increasing the clarity of your photos with Deep Fusion AI technology, which increases the quality of your image so that you can focus on the creative part of photography. AI is good at some things but bad at others. He can write sentences but not tell stories, and he can recommend songs but not music. But most importantly, AI is incredibly good at improving image quality, but bad at knowing what to do with it. AI will never imitate human creativity, so it’s still your job to provide the image. But just like a sharper lens or a better camera, Topaz Photo’s artificial intelligence gives you the power to create images that weren’t possible with older tools.After learning from millions of images, the Topaz Photo AI denoising module can actually understand the content of your image. This system can determine the difference between real image details and noise with a high level of accuracy.

Of course, not all of your images will have noise, and for those that do, Topaz Photo AI will give you the best possible results. Normally, zooming in on a low quality image will only get you to a lower quality image. Topaz Photo AI is different. When zooming in, it remembers the real details from millions of similar images and naturally fills in the missing pixels accordingly. You can’t always retake a photo when your subject is blurry. Sometimes you don’t even know until you review your photos on a computer. Instead of artificially increasing edge contrast like traditional sharpening, the Sharpen AI module naturally reverses the main causes of blur (camera shake, motion blur, lack of focus) to create more natural results.

Features and features of the Topaz Photo AI program:

  • Creating sharp and clear images without noise
  • Shoot in low light with the sharpest results
  • High noise correction and soft focus
  • Enhanced image resolution with true detail
  • Image quality settings
  • Recovering faces

Required system

Operating System

Windows OS 10, 11 (64 bit)


Intel 2nd Generation i5 (released 2011) and later, with AVX
AMD CPU (released 2011) and later, with AVX


12GB (16GB and higher is recommended)


DirectX 12 compatible
NVIDIA GTX 900 or higher, 4GB VRAM (6GB or more for optimum performance)
AMD Radeon 400 or higher, 4GB VRAM (6GB or more for optimum performance)
Intel UHD 600 Graphics or higher, 12GB system memory (RAM)

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Portable အတွက် အောက်မှာ Download လုပ်လိုက်ပါ .. (Google Drive)

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Portable အတွက် အောက်မှာ Download လုပ်လိုက်ပါ .. (Mediafire)

Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4