Welcome to a hell of your own making!

I write horror stories and I would be honored to take your worst nightmares and turn them into scary tales for the world to read. I am looking for dark tales of things that go bump in the night, monsters under the bed, darkness that pulls at your very soul... send me your worst dreams. Only the most surreal and terrifying of nightmares will become reality as their stories are put into words.

This is for entertainment purposes only. You will be notified if I select your nightmare and yes, you will also be credited for the idea. Stories will be fictionalized and changed to suit the length of the story. All submissions will become the property of Shelby Patrick and can be used as she sees fit.

Upon submission, you are agreeing to share your nightmare(s) with the author and the world. If not chosen for a story, your nightmare may be used for promotion purposes in social media (facebook, twitter, etc.). There is no compensation for submitting your dreams here and all stories created from any submission are copyrighted to Shelby Patrick.

If you agree to these terms and want to share your nightmare with me, then please CLICK HERE to submit.